Sunday, August 5, 2007

Observation Today

In the train today morning.
Two little girls with their mom sitting right opposite me.
Elder one 3yrs and younger one almost 1yr.

The elder one was eating a chocolate and till then the younger one was looking out at the scenery outside.

Just then the 1 yr old saw her elder sis eating something.She cried aloud and lunged forward and tried to take the chocolate away.
The 3yr old pulled back her hand just in time..and sat a little further away.

The 1yr old continued whining and was in tears now every now and then pointing at the chocolate and crying.

Now the 3yr old ….was in no mood to share this ….and within seconds….and looking as innocent as possible …she looked away and gulped the chocolate whole chocolate bar down as fast as she could…..i couldn’t belive how fast!!

Their mother was laughing and I was smiling.

What followed was that the 3yr old put both her hands forward, palms up and gestured to the younger sis …… if saying “I have nothing”
(Who says kids are innocent???)

The little one held her palms, examined for some time and then wept aloud....the elder sis smiling all the time.

Soon thereafter something else caught the attention of the 1yr old and she forgot all about the chocolate..

Now smiling, her eyes were still moist and the tears were still running down the cheeks…however the baby had moved on to other things.