Friday, January 15, 2010

32 Weeks

Just 8 more weeks to go ...yipppeeeeeeeee!!

After 6 months of severe sickness due to Hyperemesis, n number of Cyclizine and Ranitidine medication .....i have reached the 8th month...feel triumphant already.

I came off took me a good week to do without it...last week..but i managed here i am now taking only Ranitidine....2wice a day........i tried cutting that down to 1 tablet but the acid was so severe that i ended up not eating anything decided to caary on with Ranitidine.

It's rather disappointing when people around boast that they never took any medication for acid during pregnancy....but now i have given up on explaining the fools that each pregnancy is different......Given a choice i would obviously choose a medication free natural pregnancy.

Going for check up every two weeks. Things are good (touchwood!) and the baby kicks and jostles day and to see my tummy in crests and troughs....sweeet.

Just 8 more weeks to go and that doesn't seem too far!!!