Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't take Prenatal Vitamins

OK here are my two cents on Prenatal vitamins.

I am speaking from experience here- had been on prenatals for the last month but the capsules did not agree with so happened that i was getting a vitamin overdose.....leading to headaches, nausea, irritability and yellow eyes.

The reason - Vitamin Overdose!! I was already getting the vitamins from fruits, vegetables and a healthy diet.

So these pills were causing more harm than good!!

Avoid prenatal vitamins at all cost....but do take Folic Acid... there are little tablets available which have folic acid only and no extra vitamins.

In fact all vitamins seem like a sham...esp after it has been proved that vitamins are best consumed in their natural form (in fruits, veggies, food) what u waiting for?? throw away those vitamins and eat healthy to see yourself live long, happy, healthy and wealthy ( well, health is wealth as they say!!)