Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 weeks

had the 20 week ultrasound's doing fine.

My medicine doses have come down. Now i am on one cyclizine and one ranitidine in the morning...that's about it....keeps me going throughout the day..

No cravings so far..buti make it a point to eat something every 2-3 starts with biscuits and medicine in the morning, followed by milk and toast at mid day, lunch around 2:30 pm, a snack around 5:30 and dinner at 8 includes an egg and some salad.

Good news is that my weight has remained constant at 57 kgs ...not gone i'm happy.

Am now classified under "low risk pregnancy" so a midwife will do all followup appointments.

Finally starting to feel positive of this pregnancy.

I still am unable to travel by bus or cab because it brings on the sickness....cancelled the Greece trip coz of this.....and now back to good old walking.

Working from quite busy 10 to 6.

All well so far and hopefully will continue to be so.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

back with a bang

almost 19 weeks now......and the Hyperemesis is still going strong....after being hospitalised, losing 10 kgs in the past few months and several changed medications i am finally back.
the medicines are continuing as are the random throwing up sessions......but alls well as long as the little one is doing fine inside.

had a dating scan where we got a glimpse of the little one...thank God that all was fine.....have another scan in a weeks time...and then i will we half way thru this pregnancy (my first and last)........never again never again shall i put myself to this sheer torture...

waiting for next week so we can see baby clearer this time..they say baby must have grown up quite a bit by now....touchwood!

Seeking Lord's blessings for baby and us..

God bless all


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 11- Hyperermesis Gravidarum

where had i been the last few weeek ?????????????
well, in the hospital and then at home ..bedridden !
Hyperermesis Gravidarum is what the doctors callled my symptoms...and then i was kept on IV fluids for 4 days......the vomiting wouldn't stop......and then once it was a bit better i was put on regular medication....................this is sure is different from the regular morning sickness that people have....and all this while i got calls from family and friends ...each female relating to her pregnancy and morning sickness...have some ginger, keep eating...the advice came on and on.......but how on earth could i explain them that this was different...much worse than the morning sickness they's impossible to keep anything down..ANYTHING.......wish someone would understand my plight.........i have wept and wept in these months until there was no strength to cry.....the anti nausea medicines make me sleepy and drowsy and disorientated at times.....i am sick and tired or everything ....i dont have the strength to walk or talk and today....this is after a month that i have gained strength to sit up and type.....and while i type this i am sick and dizzy and will rush to the loo any moment to vomit once again.....all days pass in oblivion.....i had not imagined pregnancy to be this painful.....never...

the medication i am on is cyclizine, thiamine, folic acid and domperidone.
cyclizine is the anti sickness medicine that leaves me sleepy and dizzy........but i have no choice but to take it as that is the only way some food stays inside....

i haven't been to work since last month and am living a vegetable existence at home......6 more months to go .........hopefully the nausea will subside after the 4th month and then i shall be back to nornal again....hopefully i will smile again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 8

What was i thinking?
What have i landed myself into?
Having a hard time coping with severe nausea..........and when i say severe, i mean severe.............weekends are a blur as i sleep and puke ...............i'm hardly able to keep anything down and it's been a weight has gome down from 64 to 60 never hungry and if at all i drink water out it comes in no time.................ohoooooooooooo...this is such a torture!!
I had a different picture of the pregnancy experience..........people say they enjoy their pregnancy.....enjoy?? where is the E of the enjoy................this seems like such a pain!!!
Hmmmmmmm...wish i find that E of enjoy soon or i will shrink and lose weight and puke and lose perspective of doctor refuses to prescribe anti emetic all i do is sit and suffer!!!
I'm sooo pissed off with this whole experience....nausea, lightheadedness,puking...and what not.......GOD!! please show me the brighter side of this phase called pregnancy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 7

Did i say NO Nausea!!

Well i eat my words now ..coz nausea heard this and has taken home in me.....they say you never miss the water until its gone....hmmmmm u never realize what nausea is once it rushes on..dishevelling your appearance, interfering with chores......nausea is here...and it seems is here to stay..

lotsa nausea.....and it comes and goes throughout the day.....not just morning sickness..its all time sickness!!

hmmmmm so much for being a mom soon!!

all said and done...nausea is welcome as long as the bundle of joy inside turns out's a brave mom raring to go!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 6

hmmmm...eating well nowadays....a bit sleepy at nausea as yet (touchwood!)

they say scans can be taken from 6 weeks onwards ..but 12 week is the will wait for the appointment

had a blood test was weak and sleepy ...went home early and napped!!!

lazy me!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

4th week

well......the feeling has not sunk in yet.

Not much of a change nausea(touchwood!)...........just hungry all the time......and a bit tired at times

getting loads of attention from DH and mom

waiting till the first scan to tell friends and family.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are pregnant!!

I'm speechless!!!smiley!!
God bless our little one/ones.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tra la la la la la

A faint pink line has appeared
hopes have been raised


Another test to follow a week after missed period!!......great news on the way!!

Touchwood and fingers crossed.

(a kala teeka in case you missed it!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Dust

Came across this TTC ticker today....see bottom of blog!!

Hmmmmmmm......excited and nervous too....let's see how this works!!!

Wishing for lots of baby dust our way!!


Just wondering how many people get lucky first time???
or is it a try try try again till you succed saga??

Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't take Prenatal Vitamins

OK here are my two cents on Prenatal vitamins.

I am speaking from experience here- had been on prenatals for the last month but the capsules did not agree with so happened that i was getting a vitamin overdose.....leading to headaches, nausea, irritability and yellow eyes.

The reason - Vitamin Overdose!! I was already getting the vitamins from fruits, vegetables and a healthy diet.

So these pills were causing more harm than good!!

Avoid prenatal vitamins at all cost....but do take Folic Acid... there are little tablets available which have folic acid only and no extra vitamins.

In fact all vitamins seem like a sham...esp after it has been proved that vitamins are best consumed in their natural form (in fruits, veggies, food) what u waiting for?? throw away those vitamins and eat healthy to see yourself live long, happy, healthy and wealthy ( well, health is wealth as they say!!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It seems the parents are now ready.
April May could bring some news!!

Lord Krishna

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaran
Ram Narayanam Janaki Vallabham