Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 weeks

had the 20 week ultrasound's doing fine.

My medicine doses have come down. Now i am on one cyclizine and one ranitidine in the morning...that's about it....keeps me going throughout the day..

No cravings so far..buti make it a point to eat something every 2-3 starts with biscuits and medicine in the morning, followed by milk and toast at mid day, lunch around 2:30 pm, a snack around 5:30 and dinner at 8 includes an egg and some salad.

Good news is that my weight has remained constant at 57 kgs ...not gone i'm happy.

Am now classified under "low risk pregnancy" so a midwife will do all followup appointments.

Finally starting to feel positive of this pregnancy.

I still am unable to travel by bus or cab because it brings on the sickness....cancelled the Greece trip coz of this.....and now back to good old walking.

Working from quite busy 10 to 6.

All well so far and hopefully will continue to be so.